Entry 6 - Mitch Magic

I resisted the urge to entitle the post Magic Mitch, but clearly I don't have enough restraint not to point out that I resisted it. It's kind of like water resistant boots. They'll resist the water, but eventually, they give in. Perhaps some context is in order. I'm working with another brilliant artist/producer named Mitch Girio. Check out his website http://mitchgirio.com. Mitch and I are working on 3 more tunes that should be out in the fall some time. Mitch is the type of producer that artists like to work with because he does what the music requires. He also understands what artists require and does his best to give that to them. We're a neurotic bunch, so I'm sure that's more difficult with some than with others. (I can speak for myself only of course) I'm sure there a some artists that are completely balanced, well adjusted human beings. Anyway, tracking is going very well, and Mitch is a wizard behind the console. He just knows how to get good sounds. There's a saying... something about a silk purse and a sow's ear, but he actually can... Anyway, you get the point, if not, that's what the Google machine is for. I'll be posting links to the tracks as they become available.

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