Entry 8b - Supplimentary Post: Should I get a dog?

My sister Yvette, who has two adorable Yorkshire Terriers named Mama and Jake, sent me a picture of this little guy:

His name: Nigel.

I know it sounds like serendipity. Believe me I WAS tempted. Look at that face, with his one ear up and the other one down! Honestly! How would I ever get anything done? However, this does illustrate the principle of The Puppy Sale. For those of you that may not be familiar with this concept... my friend Ellen suggested that this term may not be as widely known as I thought.:

The puppy close, or puppy sale, is when a sales person offers you a "try and buy". If you don't like it, you can bring it back for a fully refund, no questions asked. Now, imagine that what you're "trying" is this puppy. Add to that, perhaps you have a child that has been begging you for a puppy for some time. I don't, but I think this is a common scenario. What are the chances that this little guy is going back to the store? I'm thinking slim to none, and slim left town.Certain people in my life were advocating for me to adopt Nigel. In addition to the name confusion.. i.e. I would think people were talking to me, when they were actually talking the puppy, and vice versa, he would be a irresistible distraction. Fortunately, the decision was taken out of my hands as Nigel had already been adopted, and was just waiting until he is strong enough to leave his mother. Whew!! Needless to say, I'll stay clear of animal shelters, and pet stores... for now.


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