Entry 11 - New bandmates for The Puppy Sale?

Hi everyone,

As completed music draws ever closer, (more on that later) I am concurrently assembling musicians to play the stuff, but I also think I will play some solo shows. I'd like to kick it off with a band... or a bang. I haven't booked a venue, since we haven't even had our first rehearsal yet. I didn't want to jump the gun. So far, in addition to the stalwart Gloria Hall - vocals, drummer Ambrose Pottie, bassist Nate Ploasis, and keyboardist Rob Murphy. They have all been very positive about my tunes, so I"m really looking forward to see how they approach them. I hope we can put something together for the first week of November. Fingers crossed. Here's a picture of my friends old cover band Karneval left to right: Jamie Habkirk - drums, Kevin Treffinger - lead guitar, Gloria Hall - vocals, Shawn Sage - Bass/vocals, moi - rhythm guitar/vocals, Stephen Douglas - keyboards/vocals. Good times!!


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