Entry 4 - Designing a website

I feel like a dog chasing a car. What do I when I catch it? Well, catching it isn’t the problem. Now I have to make it look good, and be functional, and of course, the 3 rules of websites, content, content, content. Uh-oh, I don’t really have much yet, but I’m working on it. At least I can work on the design for now. Again, why re-invent the wheel. One of my favourite people and good friend, Emma-Lee has an amazing site! http://www.emma-lee.com/ It’s simple, elegant, and loaded with content. She is an accomplished and very talented artist. And she's been doing it for a while now. I would highly recommend checking out her 2012 release ‘Backseat Heroine’. I know I’m setting the bar a bit high, but it’s a good goal to set. A friend of mine mentioned that I should include the link to my website so that people can just click on the link instead of typying/copying into an address bar. Good advice. Here ya go:



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