Entry 7 - Beaches Jazz Fest. Workshop

I got the opportunity to go to a workshop at the Beaches Jazz Festival featuring the wonderful Laila Bialli this summer. Talk about talent! This woman has an area 51 warehouse full of it. (area 51 is where they keep all the UFOs ... or where they were developing the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft (spy plane) no UFO's) Anyway, she is an outstanding Canadian jazz pianist, vocalist, songwriter, has sung with the likes of Sting, Paula Cole, Suzanne Vega and Chris Botti. During here interview with Bill Evans, she said she hasn't spent enough time on her piano playing.  She thinks it has been relegated to support of her wonderful voice, a voice that almost went unheard. People told her she couldn't sing and should stick to piano. Needless to say, no one says that to her now. After her performance, she talked about her career, the ups and downs, and some of the fortunate breaks she's gotten along the way. (e.g. singing for Sting and Paula Cole) It was also interesting to hear about the struggles and bouts of depression. But she keeps going. "It's a labour of love." she said several times. I suppose I could take that one of two ways; persevere and things will work out eventually, or "success" is an illusion, and you only recognize it when looking back on a long career. You just have to celebrate the successes along the way, and pick yourself up from the failures. I'm not sure how it will go for me, but I'll give it my best shot and we'll see how it goes.


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